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Dolphin Restaurant Reviews
Dolphin Restaurant Review - Fresh & Delicious

Our families first stop for years. The clam chowder is so very good. Crab Louie was fresh and so delicious. Visited this restaurant four times while we were visiting Santa Cruz!

8/6/21 via Yelp

Dolphin Restaurant Friendly Staff
Dolphin Restaurant Review - Staff Very Friendly

Staff very friendly and food was great.

8/7/21 via Facebook

Dolphin Restaurant Bacon Burger
Dolphin Restaurant Review - Definitely Recommend

Staff was so pleasant and excited to help us. Had a lot to choose from on the menu and reasonable prices. I had Calamari and fries and it was delicious. My daughter had Cheese burger and fries. It was the bomb! Definitely recommend you trying it and we will re-visit on our next trip to Santa Cruz.

8/21 via Google

Dolphin Restaurant Clam Chowder Bread Bowl
Dolphin Restaurant Review - The Spot for Clam Chowder

My cousins are obsessed with their clam chowder and say the oysters are really fresh. Creamy, thick, contrasting flavors of saltiness and fading sweetness of fresh ocean clams. We all had it in the sourdough bread bowl. Some of the better clam chowder I’ve had in a long time. It was even good when it got cold, and that says a lot. This is the spot for clam chowder.

7/27/21 via Yelp

Dolphin Restaurant Beautiful Views
Dolphin Restaurant Review - Views Outstanding

The Dolphin is a longtime favorite. They are on the pier where you can dine listening to sea lions bark. The views outstanding and the food is just what I wanted on a pier in the ocean.

To celebrate my cousin’s 75th birthday, I took her to Santa Cruz. Because she loves seafood, I thought it would be wonderful to eat at a restaurant on the Santa Cruz Wharf. The Dolphin Restaurant is the last restaurant on the Wharf.

Teri was delighted with her clam chowder and entree. I chose the blackened swordfish, which looked like a steak. There was no room for dessert after our huge lunch.

7/15/21 via Trip Advisor

Dolphin Restaurant Reviews - Food Was Great
Dolphin Restaurant Review - Food Was Great

Food was great. Had the clam chowder with the bread bowl and it beats every other tourist-y place in the Bay Area. Servers were nice and made us feel very welcome — great place to stop by if you’re feeling cold outside and need to grab a bite and a warm seat.

7/8/21 via Yelp

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